We are going to release a collection of unique 3D NFT Cats, all of them are fully handmade!

Investors buy NFT for different reasons.
There are some who buy to own part of history, some buy NTFS to sell and some people buy NFT’s because they want to be part of the movement!

Some percentage of our NFT revenue is going to be donated to organizations of the communities’ choice. We are looking for organizations that support CATS / Animals.
Regardless of your motivation for buying Cats of CRO, we guarantee you’ll be pleased with what you mint!


The newest and most highly anticipated 3D NFT project ever to hit the Cronos Chain. We will build Utility filled 3D Cat NFTS, Minting, P2E and Staking!

CATS OF CRO will be the next moonshot with excellent development for a long term hold while joining the $CRO memes trend breaking another zero!

The secret ingredient to accomplish this is the community behind it. Let’s make another mega hype project next to Croge, Croki, Croshi or any related $CRO meme tokens

We have created a medley of over 1000 NTfs for you to buy, trade and sell within our upcoming proprietary Dapp! CATS OF CRO can be purchased via our own DApp Soon along with a limited edition set of first 100 CATS OF CRO to be purchased with our very own token $COC

Phase 1

Website and Smart-contract development
Create Telegram
Create Twitter
MM.Finance listing
Collaboration with Big TG Channels
Gain holders and Telegram members
Building International Community
500 Holders
Community Giveaways

Phase 2

NFT Minting and 3d NFT Marketplace Development
DApp & 3D NFT Collection Launch
NFT Giveaways
Team expansion
Grow Discord Community
NFT / Token Staking
AMA’s and Advertisements in social media Platforms
1000 Holders

Phase 3

Charity donation
More RARE NFT Giveaways
Major Cex Listings
Merchandise release
Multichain Bridge
CAT in a BOX P2E Game Development
Cats of CRO Metaverse Development
2500 Holders

We would love to give Cats of CRO holders real utilities, as well as help the world with donations and initiatives. Cats of CRO NFTS is a collection of unique 3D CAT NFTs on Cronos Blockchain. Each and every kitten will have a unique ability and functionality when you stake it. We have reserved some of our token distribution for NFT staking, shortly after launch, we’ll be publishing our first collection of NFTs, and you’ll be able to stake it right away for a juicy APY!!